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Welcome to GayFooty's Social Club!

The GayFooty Social Club is a place to come and have a chat about football. Joining up is free, only takes a minute or two and allows you to post messages to the club as well as send private messages to other Social Club members. Also if you are a member it keeps track of what messages you have read so staying up to date is easy. There is also the Member Only section of the club called "Behind the Posts". Once you have passed your probation period and one of the committee members notices your posting contribution to the club you will be given access to this area. Note that during the probation new users and guests can not see these posts. This is were all the juicy stuff is! Join in the fun now!


As with any social club there are rules - Please make sure you read them and follow them. Failure to adhere to these very simple and basic rules will see you removed from the Social Club permanently. The rules are available from within the social club or click here to go straight to them.

Click here to access the Social Club in a new browser window.


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