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Welcome to GayFooty's Player Picture Library!

The GayFooty Player Pix area has had an interesting past. In 2006 the AFL Players Association (AFLPA) informed us that some of their members were concerned about a few of the pictures contained in the site. About 5 months later the NRL equivalent jumped on the bandwagon and also showed concern. Ironically the pictures they were concerned about were acceptable for women's magazines.

To keep the peace the images were removed from the site and moving forward we have implemented some basic guidelines for the Player Pix gallery.

Please note the following guidelines
  • Pictures taken of players in the change rooms (or in a state of undress) without the knowledge of the player are not allowed.
  • Pictures that appear to be copyrighted (ie have a watermark) will not be published on the site unless the uploader can provide proof that the copyright holder has specifically granted us permission.
  • No images with watermarks - no screen captures from TV.
  • To maintain a reasonable level of quality only images of reasonable size and quality will be considered - all others will not be approved.
All images now require approval - if you upload an image and it doesn't make it to the site it is probably because it breached one of the above guidelines.

If you find an image that you feel is inappropriate or does not fit with the guidelines please let us know.
Message us using the contact us menu and select support in the menu at the top of this page.

Click here to access the Player Pix gallery in a new browser window.

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