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    Amazing the AFL has won a Pride Award….and remember, not even once did we hear the word “gay” ever mentioned.

    AFL general manager social policy and inclusion Tanya Hosch said the award demonstrates the AFL is making real change across the industry.
    Could she please specify any actual examples, or detail any of those “REAL” changes that have occurred directly as a result of that very hesitant “Diversity Round”?
    I’d be EXTREMELY interested to learn of such.

    “We know we still have work to do to be fully inclusive, but as an industry we are making real gains and creating change,” Ms Hosch said.
    Again, nice claim Ms Hosch, and it’s no doubt to justify your cushy highly paid position, but where’s the change you mention?
    You cannot make these wild claims without backing up your statement with demonstrable FACTS!
    Inclusive of whom for a start? Tram drivers? Surf-boarders? Inuit?
    I’m betting she’s just referring to women…..not even that ever burgeoning bloody acronym!

    St Kilda’s work with the 2016 Pride Match won the award for most inclusive club.
    So who’s the player or players who are being “included”…or is it just a couple of dykes and a poof or two in the cheer squad?
    Collingwood has had The Pink Magpies for years…long before St Kilda printed a few rainbows…

    The second Pride Match between Sydney and St Kilda will be played at the SCG in round 18.
    Wonder if they can bring themselves to say “gay”: this time?


    Ms Hosch has a long history in Indigenous Affairs, predominantly in Govt/govt funded positions, maybe she is referring to the Indigenous Round.


    I guess it beats the NRL efforts which are as follows


    And also A-LEAGUE which are as follows


    Then there is cricket Australia’s efforts as follows


    So I’m guessing it’s like Eddie going for re-election at Collingwood.
    Only one real candidate


    @finnis4 wrote:

    Ms Hosch has a long history in Indigenous Affairs, predominantly in Govt/govt funded positions, maybe she is referring to the Indigenous Round.

    The AFL didn’t get the award for “Indigenous Round”, ….but for “Diversity”…remember that one?
    Look, while no fan of her agenda driven “rounds” I do take firm objection to anyone then subsequently publicly patting themselves on the back and making highly questionable claims if not downright spurious assertions as to what resulted from that action.
    She simply has no idea of anything at all coming out of having diversity round, but is just wildly shooting her mouth off in the hopes that if you say something and it gets into the media, people will believe it.
    That, and shoring up her own no doubt highly paid position that really demands very little effort at all on her part.
    Her job is just another example of how the AFL is now kowtowing to the PC mob.
    It’s just SO un-PC to run a men’s footy club these days! 🙄 🙄 🙄

    @boisayum wrote:

    I guess it beats the NRL efforts which are as follows

    Perhaps that’s better after all?
    I would like to AFL to concentrate purely on running a men’s footy comp, and when they have actually got that right in all respects, ..(WHICH CERTAINLY IS NOT YET BTW!)…then perhaps they might leave the game in its best form and then run the show with some professionalism, AND without outside unrelated interference from the hand-wringers. Is that not what the AFL is SUPPOSED to do?
    @boisayum wrote:

    So I’m guessing it’s like Eddie going for re-election at Collingwood.
    Only one real candidate

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆
    Love to see a rival throw their hat in the ring!
    Now THAT I wanna see! 😈 😈 😈


    Woke up this morning next to my diverse male partner, and enjoyed a little diverse man-to-man sex to start the day off, like diverse men are want to do. Diverse sex just has so many possibilities compared to the non-diverse variety.
    I have heard the popular saying amongst non-diverse blokes that “It’s not diverse unless the balls touch!”
    So let me be very specific here. We had diverse sex! Our balls touched on several occasions!
    Well we ARE diverse, …and proud of it. Have both been diverse since we were born! All our wanking fantasies were always diverse, ever since we can remember!

    Then we decided we’d go out for brunch to this little diverse cafe we know of, and arranged to meet up with two other diverse men that we know.
    As mentioned before, this cafe is very diverse. You can immediately tell by the prominent display of several diverse flags in the window, and all the very cute waiters are diverse. No doubt specially selected for their diversity by the diverse hand of the VERY diverse owner! No need to check HIS “Diverse Card”!
    It’s a very popular place for other diverse men to gather, not only for some diverse conversation, (and the most diverse looking menu ever! All the dishes have diverse names and diverse descriptions!) but also for a bit of diverse cruising. In fact it’s a bit of a diverse meat-market at times, and you can also keep abreast of diverse fashion but observing the diverse styles of clothing worn. Nothing TOO diverse mind you, but definitely a lot of diverse stuff out of all those diverse magazines specially aimed at the diverse life-style of diverse men. You can often hear the unmistakable diverse sounds of a bit of diverse sex going on in the toilets!
    Anyway, over some of the diverse dishes on offer, our diverse friends told us they had read in one of the diverse papers about this new diverse bar that had opened up on the Diverse Mile where just about all the diverse venues are, and they were eager to check out the diverse crowd it would undoubtedly attract. They are both diverse of course, but single, and quite eager to find another diverse man to complete their diverse lives …..and get into some down and dirty diverse sexual activity no doubt! So….diverse eh?
    Maybe even go as afar as diverse marriage if things worked out diverse-wise.
    As we have been a diverse couple for years (but unable to have diverse marriage as yet here in Australia) we don’t really go to the diverse bars so much nowadays, but still enjoy meeting and chatting with other diverse men.
    We think it important that we still mix in the diverse crowd, because after all, we are diverse, and you can get a bit sick of just seeing non-diverse people all the time. Sometimes it’s good to just be your natural diverse selves! You know, let your diverse side show and get a bit diverse with other diverse minded men for a bit of a diverse shriek?
    Anyway, the fellow at the next table, …I’m sure he was diverse because he was wearing the most diverse shirt you could ever imagine in shocking diverse pink, must have been eaves-dropping because he said in this really diverse voice “Oh Sweeties, you probably won’t like THAT diverse bar, …because it’s just too too diverse!

    He went on to say he’d gone there last night looking for a bit of diverse fun, but the place was just full of faux-diverse men and their diverse-hags! Not a genuine diverse man in the whole place he reckoned!
    Now this bloke looked about a diverse as you can get, and if he thought the other patrons were too diverse then it did sound a bit too diverse for us….even though we are diverse ourselves.

    So we decided to just go back to our own little diverse heaven, open our own private diverse bar, put on some diverse dance party music from the last Diverse Sydney Mardi Gras and maybe watch a diverse porno or something and enjoy a bit more of that diverse man-sex! That diverse porno stuff always puts us in a diverse mood!
    Ah diversity, … good to be diverse!
    Wouldn’t be non-diverse for quids! 😈 😈 😈

    BTW: We heard on the diverse grapevine that the AFL in its eagerness to be seen to be embracing diversity is having another Diversity Round between Sydney and St Kilda at the SCG in round 18.
    Should be just SO “diverse!” We are definitely going to wave our big diverse flags every time Sydney kicks a goal ! All we diverse blokes should really get behind this, if you’ll excuse the little diverse joke!
    Maybe soon some up-until-now closeted diverse player might even be encouraged to come out and publicly say he’s “diverse”?
    Wouldn’t that be great for diversity?

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